That is too close!

I tend to like to take pictures of landscapes. That's probably because I prefer to focus more on the bigger picture than on minutia. But sometimes taking a closeup lets you examine the important details you might otherwise miss. Here are some closeups from our travels in Australia and France (arranged by category). We'll continue … Continue reading That is too close!

Goodbye, Australia… Hello, France.

We ended the first chapter of our sabbatical adventure on Sunday night at 11:05 pm. That is the precise time that our Qatar Airways flight departed Perth International Airport. On one hand it was a relief because prior to that moment, we had spent the entire day frantically trying to get ready to go. This … Continue reading Goodbye, Australia… Hello, France.

Penguin Island and Margaret River

At the end of March and the beginning of April, we took two side trips south of Perth: one was to Penguin Island and the other was to the Margaret River region. These trips allowed us to view the landscapes, flora, and fauna that make southwest Australia so unique. This region is a recognized biodiversity … Continue reading Penguin Island and Margaret River

Rottnest Island: A Photo Essay

(This is a collaborative post by Rich and Ang.) A visit to Rottnest Island had been on our to-do list since we arrived in Australia. A few weeks ago we finally made the trip. It was fantastic. The island, which sits approximately 11 miles off the coast, was named by Dutch explorers who upon arriving … Continue reading Rottnest Island: A Photo Essay

A Trip North (Part II): Adventures Heading Home Via the Coastal Highway

The second day of our annual ryegrass collecting adventure started out much like the first—lots of driving on paved and dirt roads through a stark and desolate, but also beautiful, landscape. Our route took us a couple hundred kilometers northeast of Geraldton. Our mission was to find and collect annual ryegrass seeds in five paddocks. … Continue reading A Trip North (Part II): Adventures Heading Home Via the Coastal Highway