Stepping in Order to See

While staying in Perth, we have no car. This means walking to our destinations and being more observant on the way.  I think most travelers would say that one benefit of a trip is having the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. I reaped this benefit twenty years ago when Rich and … Continue reading Stepping in Order to See

The real reason we came to Australia . . . for the candy!

Sadly, most of America's supermarkets harbor only a small fraction of the vast diversity of candy that exists on our planet. Lucky for me, Australian supermarkets are a veritable rainforest of chocolate treats. Even candy brands that are staples in American stores seem to have come to Australia and evolved into a dizzying array of … Continue reading The real reason we came to Australia . . . for the candy!

Six Days in Perth: A Photo Essay

We have been in Western Australia for six days and our skin is fried. Once concealed in the cold of a New Hampshire winter under jackets and hats, it is now exposed to the rays of an Australian summer--rays that inexplicably penetrate the layers of SPF 50+ we keep dutifully applying. In short, we are … Continue reading Six Days in Perth: A Photo Essay