Sculptures by the Sea: A Collection of Photos

Very few words for this post . . . they are sculptures after all. They were meant to be seen.

These are photos from our visit to “Sculpture by the Sea,” an annual event in Cottesloe, Western Australia. This year, seventy sculptors set up their work on the beach. All of the pieces were very different–—some were enormous, some were moving, and some were simply fun. For information about the artists, visit the “Sculpture by the Sea” website.

Photo Credit: Rich


Photo Credit: Syd
Photo Credit: Syd

7 thoughts on “Sculptures by the Sea: A Collection of Photos

    1. Thanks! Yes, we are definitely having fun mixing work with play in a different environment. The time is going by SO fast, though!


    1. Thanks! It was fun taking pictures on this day–lots of shapes and colors. I love the idea of turning a beach into a museum! The fish sculpture was one of my favorites, too.


    1. It’s pretty awesome. It’s hard for me to imagine the logistics involved in hauling some of the pieces to the beach and setting them up. Some of the sculptures are gigantic! 🙂


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