That is too close!

I tend to like to take pictures of landscapes. That's probably because I prefer to focus more on the bigger picture than on minutia. But sometimes taking a closeup lets you examine the important details you might otherwise miss. Here are some closeups from our travels in Australia and France (arranged by category). We'll continue … Continue reading That is too close!

Just another day at the office….

We've been in Australia for exactly one week. During that time I've managed to get settled into my new office at the University of Western Australia (UWA), gotten to know my Australian colleagues a little better, received my UWA ID card and a UWA email address, and had the UWA IT folks configure my university … Continue reading Just another day at the office….

Six Days in Perth: A Photo Essay

We have been in Western Australia for six days and our skin is fried. Once concealed in the cold of a New Hampshire winter under jackets and hats, it is now exposed to the rays of an Australian summer--rays that inexplicably penetrate the layers of SPF 50+ we keep dutifully applying. In short, we are … Continue reading Six Days in Perth: A Photo Essay