A Stop in Doha

(Disclaimer: I have written this post over a series of a few days after landing in Perth. The jet lag turned my brain to Vegemite, and I am just now coming out of my stupor. OK, I exaggerate. Nonetheless, forgive anything that is slightly incoherent.)

On the way to Perth, Western Australia on January 15th, 2018, we had a ten-hour layover in the city of Doha in Qatar. We were excited to take advantage of a free tour of the city offered by Qatar Airlines.

Not sure what to expect, we followed instructions through immigration, got a temporary visa just for the purpose of the tour, then stepped outside Hamad International Airport to a shuttle bus. The shuttle took thirty-six of us (from many different countries) to four points of interest, and we were allowed to get out and walk around a bit at each stop. As the bus made its way around the city, the tour guide gave us information about Doha and Qatar as a whole.

Doha is sparkling and teeming with development. Qatar’s wealth is apparent. It will be hosting the World Cup in 2022, and we saw prep for this massive event underway (like the construction of a new transportation system).

It is difficult to tell this from the picture, but the colored streetlights along this freeway are spectacular. There is Arabic writing all around the poles from top to bottom–the words to the national anthem of Qatar.
The Museum of Islamic Art
The Doha city skyline from across the harbor
This is a sculpture welcoming visitors to “The Pearl”–a manmade island with high-end shopping (Versace, Chloe, Ferrari, etc.).
This image of the emir of Qatar is everywhere in Doha–on buildings, on bumper stickers . . .
The Spiral Mosque of Souq Waqif
This is inside Souq Waqif –a large shopping area. There are many restaurants, as well as vendors selling a variety of items including cashmere scarves, clothes, shoes, and crafts.


5 thoughts on “A Stop in Doha

    1. Thank you so much!!! The weather here is absolutely awesome. (We have discovered that we need to have a better sunscreen application routine. We are all a bit on the red side!)


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