Luggage and A Tour of Doha (Qatar)

This morning, a package arrived with new luggage pieces I ordered. After taking the bags out of their packaging, it seemed fitting for me to write my first post on our family travel blog. We’ll maintain this blog during our entire trip with Rich, Syd, and I all contributing. I invite you to follow us!

The luggage is making this trip seem more real to me—a nearly six-month adventure during Rich’s sabbatical that starts in January. We will go to Perth, Australia; Dijon, France; Croatia; Slovenia; and Italy. Rich will work with colleagues, and we all will have the chance to explore and learn.

The luggage is setting off my imagination . . . where exactly will these bags go? On which hooks in which buildings in which cities will they hang? Who will be standing next to these bags, listening, as I try to have my first conversation in France in halting, hesitant sentences?

One place the bags will go is Doha in Qatar where we will have a nine-hour layover on the way to Perth. Recently, we learned that what initially seemed like a drudgery is actually an opportunity. Last week, Rich saw that Qatar Airlines offers a free tour of the city to people with a long enough layover! We will get to see a city in the Middle East.

We have been planning this trip for months, and many parts of it are set out on paper. But this unexpected tour of Doha reminds me that no trip is without nuggets of surprise, and that the mapped paths our bags will take are only approximate.

This is just the way it should be.

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